Curtains for Bargain

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I decided to put new curtains in my office because my lil sister said that I needed too so I took her advice. But I wasn’t looking right away until I went to my other lil sister’s new house when I seen her curtains and they we’re nice. So of course big sister wanted them too, we went to Fallas Paredes and I seen that her curtains came in different colors. Her curtains are silver and black. So I decided to get the brown and black curtains. They are soooo nice in my office I like that the natural light comes in and I don’t have to use my lights as much. Ummmm I want to save on my electricity bill of course lol. The curtains were $5.99 per panel, so I had to purchase 4 curtains since there was a only one panel for that price. I believe it’s still a win win I paid only under $25 for the curtains before taxes. I gotten a curtain rod for $5.99 each and I purchased two of them by the way. So I didn’t do so bad. As long It doesn’t look cheap to my eyesight anyways. Now I could have went with a thicker fabric but I want my electricity bill to be low of course since I work from home. I’m not sure if there’s Fallas Paredes store in different  states, but I know for sure they are all around Houston, Texas. Each store carry different things and it is rare that they will carry the same products. I believe I made a good decision not over doing it. I found a pattern and a great design only for $5.99 each pattern thanks to my lil sis for her great style…I believe I did good on this one. 

Live Fabulous


Bargain at its Finest!

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I purchased this chair at Big Lots for a really good deal like a really good deal. So I went to Big Lots to purchase only one chair that I desired. Now a worker asked me was I interested in this chair I was like it will work for me and he said there’s a black stain on it. The chair original priced at $99.99 but than they dropped it to $45.00 than to $30.  Since I like to negotiate I talked him down to $22.00 and he gave it to me $24 with no taxes included. So I took the deal of course. I took it home hoping that it will be great to sit in to work, but nope it was way too high. I decided to keep it since it was a great bargain deal. I put the chair in front of my desk so when I have guest in my office they have somewhere to sit. Now I purchased a pillow to compliment the chair however its quite blended with the chair. Because I did not want to over do it but it have gold sparks which is absolutely stunning. I purchased the pillow for $5.99 at Fellas and I love it. The fabric is great quality and the pillow is very soft. Now back to the chair you might can see the stain on the part you sit on towards the left but on the right side of the photo above in the small box. You will see the black stain you can barely see it in person though.  My mother in law told me that I can use leather cleaning to get rid of the black stains, so most likely I will purchased some leather cleaning to get rid of the stain of course. Overall I love the chair and it’s comfortable and it’s stylish just the way I like it.

Live Fabulous   

Live Fabulous


I went to Ross clothing store and I purchased this beauty. I fell in love the moment I seen it. This chalk board was $14.99 plus taxes. Now I  choose this look because it have a distressed look to it colors are white and black with silver accent that gives it character.  I thought to draw my quote LIVE FABULOUS that I live by. No matter how I’m feeling I live fabulous because it’s the Fab in me. When I do anything far as work, decorating I add my fab portion to it lol. My dear husband was shocked that I drew the letters haha. I had to tell him I have a creative mind see you are learning more and more about your wife. He was so shocked though and it was hilarious. I can see if I drew something that was so shocking it’s just letters lol. Soooo I came up with an idea to purchase chalk paint, so I can make a collage of inspirational quotes. Quoted by me and others.  Well that’s pretty much it I hope you all like the chalk board it’s gorgeous and I love it. I have a piece of furniture that will go with that and it’s breath taking to the max. Oh and the chalk board is placed in my office since I am redecorating it to give me that motivation to work. Take care and I’ll post sooner than you think!

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My Decorative Chair


Alright I had to really really think hard and brainstorm just to make this happen. I made it happen and it looks gorgeous. Now I don’t have to buy new furniture just yet, but  soon I will. I purchased this chair at Big Lots for $129 plus taxes and I believe its was worth it no regrets. Normally if I feel like it wasn’t worth it and if it bothers me tremulously I will take the product back! But Its fabulous and I added a pillow to it. A total different pattern and print. I don’t think it’s too much but just right. I hope you all like it because I love it! I’m such a spoil brat I wanted a chair in my living room and I had to get it lol! 

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Accessory Tray



a flat, shallow container with a raised rim, typically used for carrying food and drink, or for holding small items.


a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.

Welcome I decided to name the title Accessory Tray. First of all it’s a tray that’s very obvious and secondly I put items inside of of it so that will make that accessories. I provided the definitions above not to insult your intelligence but to be informational. Why I choose the accessories above? First I gotten the bird frame as a gift from my mother in law from Pier 1 Imports. I purchased the small multicolored flower from goodwill for $2.99 and the remote controls are there for my television in my living room. So I thought to put them in the try just to add flavor.  Remember I had these things already, so last weekend well on Sunday. I found a beautiful tray at Ross Clothing Store. It was great for my living room. I had a great vision for it so I purchased it and I love the message LOVE. Because I am full of it aww. Anyways I purchased the tray for $8.99 plus taxes I believe it was a pretty good deal according to the details and the quality. I might shop bargain but it’s hard to tell because the quality of the product. I love to bargain shop and get sweet deals. But I do not like horrible quality nor cheap looking products. It’s the FAB in me! I decided to put this on my all white Ottoman that was also a gift from my mother in law again. That gift was pretty old but as a house warming gift I highly appreciate it. Oh and the picture that’s in he picture frame is me of course. I was 18 I believe, smaller and hair much shorter. I like the vintage look…well I try to make it look vintage. I hope I did a good job at it. Well let me know what you think? 

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Refurnish Office Desk

1505568_802917329777752_8389368358038777358_nI finally received my desk that I am super thrill! It came out gorgeous and I cannot not complain. Well really I can’t because the desk I was going to get refurnished was replaced with the one you see above. The owner of

All Things New – Treasures n Trash

hooked me up with this desk and she refurnished it herself. She purchase this desk for $75 and the other desk I purchased was $60 at Nams a resale store. And it do not look nothing like what you see above.. Anyhow what she did for me was very kind because she did not have to look out for me! She charged me $125 to refurnish the furniture for me. The desk you are looking at is $450 regular price and I saved $325 thanks to Anna. So you can see why I am so thankful, plus she knew exactly what I wanted! However refurnishing furniture can be very expensive but she is so reasonable. Checkout her Business page on facebook and I cannot forget to give Anna the biggest shoutout ever. Thanks again for your creativity!

She’s located in Houston, Texas, she have furniture you can pick from, or you can bring your own furniture, she even have furniture already designed.

I could have chosen a very bright or colorful look, but I wanted something more settle because I know for a fact that when I start redecorating my office it will have color in it. So I am being very smart on the furniture color because remember you can always change the look of your office with pretty basic color furniture. Just a friendly tip!

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Dish Set

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I walked into Goodwill one day looking for plates for my dining room table verses the ones I had already. I wanted something elegant but still some type of art appeal. I was searching and searching. Until a worker started to add more dishes to the shelves. She gotten my attention and pointed to the dishes you see above. I fell in love with them even though there was only a 12 piece set. But what really caught my eye was the bargaining price, I purchased these plates under 10 bucks. The exact price a was $8.99 and of course I looked on the back of the plates to see where they came from. These plates came from Target and the price for each plate and bowl were $9.99. I saved $110.89. Please do not tell me that wasn’t a steal.  I believe I master the look I was looking for. What do you think? Once again my life as a bargain shopper.

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Love It or List It


I am so honored and super duper excited that 

#HilaryFarr and her assistant #Desta from #loveitorlistit #favorite one of my tweets on #twitter 

Why am I so exited? Great question, they liked my decorating skills in my home. I worked super hard to make this house look like something. It’s such an honor to be favorite by these women of #fashion in the Interior design world.

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Remodel Inspiration


Where did I get my inspiration from? Ummmm honestly I will say from watching HGTV when moving into a home that was beyond disastrous. When I looked at the first episode of Property Brothers, I was inspired to take a chance on being creative. I haven’t regret non of my choices and struggles renting a home that was not appealing. But once I put my touch on it with some paint, wall decor and color. It was a pretty good decision making. My only regret is that I was so excited to start on my projects. I forgot to take before pictures, so only my close family know how the house truly looked at the beginning. My house now looks warm and cozy from dark and creepy. Even though the house came as a blessing I made it into a miracle. 

Live Fabulous